Bonbon Mystery Box

$ 20.00

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Looking for a great deal on chocolates? A gift for someone who is hard to buy for? An assortment of chocolates because you just can't decide? Well, look no further! Our Mystery Box contains an assortment of our chocolate bonbons -- 12 individually wrapped candies in all -- at a great price vs. buying individual flavors. This assortment will be different every time, but is guaranteed to contain at least six different flavors of chocolate bonbons from the 11 kinds we sell (toffee, caramelized peanuts, strawberry, mint cookies, hazelnut coffee, spicy almonds, candied orange peels, candied ginger and chai, lime-jalapeno, cookies-n-cream, and raspberry truffle). And occasionally, a Mystery Box will contain all 11 kinds -- you just never know! But what you can count on is this: all of our chocolate bonbons are incredibly delicious, and there will be something for everyone in every Mystery Box. Packaged in a clear box with a bow, the Mystery Box arrives ready for gift-giving, and a flavor guide is included, so there's no mystery for the recipient.