Our Story

Carrie Shapley, Founder

CocoLoco Chocolates was founded in 1998 by Carrie Plumhoff Shapley, an artist and self-taught chef and chocolatier. Carrie came to her chocolate lifestyle via a rather circuitous path: her son, at age four, announced that he wanted to make books out of chocolate, so that he could read them and then eat them. This led to Carrie’s learning how to work in chocolate so that she could cultivate what she believed to be her son’s passion.  And this led, inevitably, to the son abandoning his chocolate aspirations in favor of playing with Legos, and Carrie discovering that she loved chocolate as an artistic medium and creative outlet. Years of experimentation followed, and then one day, while sitting on the couch reading a Wilton cake decorating catalog, a snowman muffin tin -- of all things -- provided the inspiration for CocoLoco Chocolates, and set Carrie on a course to turn hobby to business.

Experimentation and innovation remain a hallmark of CocoLoco Chocolates, with new products introduced every year. All of the delicious confections you find here are made from recipes that Carrie creates herself, and even though the company has grown, all of her chocolates are still made by hand, in small batches, using pots and pans and spoons. There is no commercial machinery or mass-production here, just the precision and heart and soul of a real human being.

Integrity is also a cornerstone of CocoLoco Chocolates and we stand behind everything we make with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we use all-natural ingredients as much as possible, with no high fructose corn syrup in anything, and no preservatives. We are also working towards eliminating the few remaining ingredients we use that contain GMOs.

We hope that you will try CocoLoco Chocolates for yourself and experience how amazing chocolate can be in the hands of a true artist!