Everything is New! February 27 2015

While it isn't entirely true that Everything is New, it sure feels that way! New products, new special offers, and fresh new photography on the website have me all a-twitter for the spring season at CocoLoco and the freshness of it all. The new product line-up includes foil-wrapped bonbons, which I am excited to finally offer. Customers have asked for bite-sized chocolates, and while the bonbons are technically about three bites each, I think they fit the bill, and are definitely more "manageable" than an egg or pretzel. I also love the look of them and that they are more versatile as to occasion.

Also new this spring is my free shipping offer, which I hope people will take advantage of. I wasn't in a position to offer this last year, and am excited to be able to now.

Boy, I better quit writing and get back in the kitchen!